Is It Time for a New Heat Pump in Lewes, DE?

If you own a heat pump system, you know it has the vital functions of heating and cooling your home. When your heat pump breaks down, you must determine whether to repair it or replace it with a newer model. Let’s review several factors to consider when deciding if it’s time for a new heat pump in your Lewes, DE home.


You should always retain awareness of your system’s age, regardless of the quality of its performance. Most heat pumps have an average shelf life of approximately 15 years, beyond which they are statistically likely to suffer declines in efficiency. For alternative systems, such as those that are geothermal, the corresponding figure is about 25 years.

With regular maintenance and professional-grade repairs, you can somewhat extend your system’s life expectancy. Even if your heat pump seems fine, you should start thinking about a replacement after crossing the timeframe mentioned above.

Decreasing Efficiency

Newer heat pumps can become more energy-efficient over time as technology improves. At the same time, your heating and cooling system will possibly become less energy-efficient relative to newer models on the market. Signs to look for in your system include increasing energy bills, uneven temperatures, and abnormal noises.

Repairs Becoming More Frequent

The older a heat pump gets, the more wear and tear its components endure and the less likely your system will continue performing consistently. If you find yourself spending more than half the amount of money it would cost to replace your system, it may be time to consider a new one.

Our team understands the difficulties of deciding whether to replace your system, and we can guide you through the process. It’s important to us that you remain comfortable in your home year-round without interruption. Call Compass Energy and ask for our heat pump installation services today.

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