Does Homeowners Insurance Cover HVAC Damage?

Homeowners insurance sometimes covers specific damage to your home’s HVAC system. However, not all circumstances apply, so you would usually have to pay for repairs and replacements out of your pocket. Here are some situations in which most policies do and don’t pay for HVAC damage in Easton, MD, but details differ from one policy to another, so consult your documents.

Coverage Doesn’t Include Wear and Tear

Routine wear and tear happens to any HVAC system as it gets older, even when proper care and regular maintenance extend the lifespan of the equipment. If your HVAC system stops working because a fan breaks or an evaporator coil freezes up, you’re responsible for fixing it. Fortunately, routine service calls can prevent or identify and fix many of these issues before they become serious.

Many Policies Cover Hail Damage

Many homeowners insurance policies cover hail damage to a central HVAC system that necessitates repairs or replacement. However, window AC units often fall under the personal property category, so insurance doesn’t cover them.

Coverage Doesn’t Include Neglect

Staying current with your HVAC maintenance proves crucial to keeping the system effective and meeting homeowners insurance coverage requirements. However, your policy doesn’t cover skipping filter changes and other forms of user neglect.

Many Policies Cover Fallen Trees

Having trees around your home provides shade, improves curb appeal and boosts property value, but a tree that falls can also damage or destroy your AC installation. Many homeowner’s policies include standard coverage for falling objects, so a tree coming down might qualify.

Natural Disaster Exclusions

For everything a homeowners insurance policy covers, you might have a longer list of exclusions where coverage doesn’t apply. Check your policy to learn the specific details that apply to your home.

You may also notice that many exclusions involve natural disasters. Floods, earthquakes and other catastrophes usually fall outside standard coverage, but you might negotiate policy riders or addenda that do cover these situations for your home.

When your home’s HVAC system suffers damage, your homeowners insurance will cover some losses as detailed in your policy. Contact Compass Energy for all your home’s AC repair service needs.

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