5 Common AC Problems for Laurel, DE Residents

As the summer heat intensifies in Laurel, DE, a reliable air conditioning system becomes indispensable to every household. However, ACs are prone to problems like any other mechanical device. Explore some of the most common AC problems homeowners face below.

1. Air Conditioner Is Not Turning On

A typical situation is when the AC is not turning on. Something in your home has tripped a circuit breaker. If nothing else, ensure the system is plugged in and switched on correctly.

2. Dirty AC Filters

Cleaning or changing the air filters is one of the most effective ways to ensure your air conditioner works efficiently and effectively. If your AC filter looks dirty, consult a trusted HVAC company to determine whether it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

3. Noisy Operation

Unusual or excessive noise from your AC system can be disruptive and indicate underlying problems. A buzzing sound may suggest loose components, while a grinding or squealing noise could signify fan motor or belt issues. Rattling or clanking sounds might be a sign of loose parts or debris in your system.

4. Refrigerant Leaks

If you observe a decline in cooling performance, ice formation on the system, or hissing sounds near the AC, it could indicate a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant leaks require immediate attention from a qualified service technician who can locate, repair, and recharge the system with the correct amount of refrigerant.

5. Electrical Issues

Electrical problems are common with air conditioners in general and can lead to complete system failures. Due to the risks associated with handling electrical components, it would be wiser and safer to consult an HVAC professional to diagnose and rectify such problems. This is one DIY task you don’t ever want to tackle!

Don’t suffer through the summer heat. Reach out to Compass Energy today for professional AC repair services. Our experienced team is ready to provide prompt and reliable solutions.

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