5 Benefits of Propane in Lewes, DE

Whether heating and cooling your home or running your appliances, you have many options for energy sources. One good choice for those in Lewes, DE, is propane. Discover a few of the benefits of using propane in your home below.

1. Green Fuel

If going green is a priority for you, you’ll like that propane is a greener fuel than other options, such as natural gas. It produces fewer fumes and emissions than gas does, making it non-toxic. Propane also works just as well as electricity.

2. Maintain Your Appliances

When you install a new heater, you’ll want to protect it from breakdowns. Propane is a clean-burning fuel source, which means it causes less scaling inside your appliances. Not only does this help you maintain your heater and other appliances, but it also helps you save on costly repairs.

3. Low Cost

For many homeowners, propane is more affordable than other fuel types. The U.S. Energy Information Administration lists the price of propane below heating oil. Instead of using small tanks, you can sign up with a supplier to get a tank and request a refill when needed.

4. Cope During an Emergency

A winter storm can easily knock out your power and leave you unsure of what to do during an emergency. A big benefit of choosing propane is that it will keep working during any storm or outage. You’ll still have access to hot water and power to run appliances.

5. More Uses

The biggest benefit of propane is that it has so many applications. Use it to power a water heater, clothes dryer, stove, and other appliances. Propane is also a good choice for an open hearth fireplace when the outdoor temperature drops.

Choosing propane for your home has many benefits, and our team is happy to review all the options with you. If you need propane services and are unsure of the next step, contact Compass Energy today.

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