3 Tips to Prep Your Home for an AC System Installation

Are you in the market for a new AC system? Make sure installation day goes off without a hitch with these top preparation tips. Before you know it, your Rehoboth Beach, DE, home will be cool and comfy.

1. Work with an AC Installer to Purchase the Right System

Many people replace their existing ACs with upgraded versions of the same system. However, this isn’t always the right choice. Some households have air conditioning systems that aren’t sized correctly. They’re either too small or too big, and each impacts efficiency.

A professional installer will work with you to find an AC that fits your home perfectly by considering two primary factors. The first is the size of your property, and the second is performing Manual J load calculations, the industry’s standard for selecting and installing properly sized systems.

2. Clear a Path for the Installers

Installers need room to work. Make installation day go smoothly for you and the installers by clearing a path from the front door (or whatever door they’ll use) to where you’ll have the new system installed. Remove obstacles and ensure the indoor and outdoor areas are clutter-free to avoid delays or rescheduling. Also, keep pets and small children out of the work area.

3. Be Available

The biggest assumption people make is that an AC installation is a quick job—it’s not. The average AC installation takes four to eight hours, and involves the installers going in and out of your house. Clear your schedule for the day and plan to be home for the entire installation. Also, if you work from home, don’t schedule meetings or calls that will interfere with being available to answer questions. Also, plan to be without air conditioning for a good part of the day and know that you’ll be without electricity for a short time during the installation process as well.

If you’re planning an AC installation in the near future, the best way to prepare for it is to speak with your HVAC company and create a plan so everything goes well when the installers arrive. For more information about AC installations and other services, contact Compass Energy.

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